Amanda Peacock, LICSW - Coaching and Psychotherapy for Happier Lives and Relationships
You may be wondering if therapy can help you feel better or help you find a path that works better than the one you're on now. With a therapist with whom you feel comfortable, hopeful and understood, the answer is often 'yes'.

Whether the challenge is with your sense of yourself, your interactions with others or your wish to realize long held dreams – exploring it in the presence of a caring other can be an essential step in moving forward.
I encourage you to contact me if it feels like this is your next step.


Approach to therapy & coaching
Internal Family Systems
Cognitive Behavioral

Session locations
In person in Watertown, MA
Via Video-Conference on Zoom or VSee

Extended sessions available (up to two hours)

Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist
Certified Life Coach
Certificate Holder from the Institute for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy

(617) 744-9816