Amanda Peacock, LICSW - Coaching and Psychotherapy for Happier Lives and Relationships

"You can't remove fear, but you can find balance and freedom in the midst of it." 
- Tara Brach  

Does nervousness or anxiety stop you from living the way you would like? Is fear preventing you from being the person you want to be? Does anxiety seem to be keeping you from expressing your wishes, taking important risks and achieving your goals?   

Why can’t I shake this nervousness? 
How can I stop worrying so much?  
What would it be like to feel confident more often? 

In therapy, we can get to know the trepidation that seems to hold you back. In developing a relationship with the fear, we can brave the threat together at a pace that feels comfortable. You can move beyond the barriers of anxiety that keep you from your life.   

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